Куликова Е. Ю._Петербург. повествование..._Сюжетология и сюжетография № 02 - 2016. с. 240-243

of Vivian Itin ^Petersburg’s poet, after the revolution, wented to Siberia. It is noted that a biog­ raphy written by B. Yarantsev, painted copyright experience of the world of his hero and geo­ graphical line defines the time-space narrative V. Yarantsev from the beginning of the text until its final (Ufa, Crimea, Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Kansk). A biography intertwined with geography. It is stated in addition to the two «directions» in the work of the poet: the love of St. Petersburg to the past and a desire to take the Soviet existence. In the work of Vivian Itin become important avant-garde trends that make a poet representative of the Siberian avant-garde. Keywords: Siberian avant-garde, biographic narration, Vivian Itin, the poetry of new world. Kulikova Elena Yu. - Doctor of Philology, the Leading Researcher of Sector of Literary Criti­ cism of Institute of Philology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (8 Nikolaev Str., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russian Federation, kulis@mail.ru)